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Bronn is forever my favorite character

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Fooled them hoping to seem
Like a slave of evil but the product of greed and
It’s not a mass so be honest with me
We can’t afford to ignore that I’m the disease

Practical since we had to be and
When they were old they came back to me and they tried
Oh they tried

And when you follow through and wind up on your back
Looking up at those stars in the sky those white clouds have turned it black

Danger Mouse feat. Norah Jones - Black

Family Made Poisons and the Light of Acceptance

Everyone always talks about how you’re nothing without family. Most of us, however, seem to completely overlook the facts that make up the reality of some of the more unfortunate men and women of the world. .

What is someone supposed to do when his family seeks to sow discord into your very perception of the world and yourself? They stand by and let the others push you and pry at you until you can’t even remember an act of unprovoked love? Time moves on and on, and you have no idea what real love even feels like. The family is an act, and the love was riddled with lies and false happiness. You slowly realize you’ve been filled with nothing your entire life. 

Then the seeds of doubt are sown in the mind. The lie is forcibly maintained to reinforce a warped world view. Loneliness creeps into the structure and a man becomes trapped in the domestic prison he was grown into.

What does someone do when their own family is the thing that causes them most of the destruction, sorrow, pain, and sadness that they’ve felt in their life?

His family doesn’t have to be the thing that controls him. His family doesn’t have to benefit from the fruits of his labors in life, only to leave him empty and alone at the end of the day. If the only thing they have to offer him is misery and confinement, then he must begin to make his own way. He sees the world as only a larger prison and almost loses hope until he spots a silhouette in the distance. That silhouette approaches and extends their hand in friendship. His new friend sees right through him and into every dark corner of his existence and seeing it all exposed in the light, accepts, and even grows to love who he is. 

The silhouette is now illuminated, and they smiled. At last, the man who walked burdened and alone in the dark shadows of his mind finally felt acceptance and he began to smile back at this person, realizing something he’d been forced to miss all along. 

He wasn’t alone, and he hadn’t ever been. This person not only saw him for the fact of who he was, they appreciated him all the more for being exactly that person.

As his new friend began to embrace him, he began to feel as if they had always been there. The man hugged back, gazing out and smiling at nothing for the first time he’d ever remembered. 


…I’ve Friends Who Can Prove This Right LOL

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"you pretty much built a store by Rundberg”

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I like how I can tell this is from years ago because of the Bourne legacy ad

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I’ve got 99 problems and my inability to self motivate is causing every single one of them.

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when your teacher talks for an extra 30 seconds after class is supposed to end

Try ten fucking minutes.


when your teacher talks for an extra 30 seconds after class is supposed to end

Try ten fucking minutes.

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Omar comin’. Somebody in trouble now.

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