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Why Thrall needs to die in Pandaria.

Hi Blizzard, big fan of your Warcraft universe here. I know you don’t take orders from me, and regardless I’ll play WoW until the day the bombs hit/plague strikes/you close the servers.

Don’t think I’m not onto your “Titan”. You cute schmucks think I can’t see through your lie that it isn’t Warcraft?
I know that Sargeras is the “Dark Titan” and he’s got to be the final boss of WoW. Unless I’m totally wrong or something.

Anyway, you see, Thrall is like, a really good dude. You guys have really made him into a god. Almost like…Jesus!
Anyway, Jesus died for mankind in the Christian myths, and Thrall needs to die for Azeroth (and the integrity of your storytelling, I’ll get to that in a minute) in your lore. Why? Why would we kill the Son of Durotar, former Warchief of the Horde?
Well, imagine how you could use this to build up steam for the Garrosh raid at the end of Pandaria.

Thrall discovers the horrible things Garrosh has been doing under Azeroth, and confronts him about it.
Garrosh is enraged at how weak Thrall is, and gets madder that Thrall cannot see how this could make the Horde the dominant faction on Azeroth. This provokes a fight, where Garrosh kills Thrall. This action would eventually be discovered, and I’m sure even the Queen of Evil, Sylvanas would agree that Thrall is almost the embodiment of good and perfection. They would be furious! Garrosh has already alienated every other leader of the Horde, a lot.

This backlash would of course, prove to be the downfall of Garrosh Hellscream. The other factions would agree that him and whatever machinations he’s up to under Orgrimmar are far to dangerous for any opposing factions. Also, he fucking killed Thrall. I want to see some goddamn character development Blizzard! Get some balls back in your story! Some great figures have to die! Other characters have to grow and develop.

Thrall is becoming a plot device for a complete fixing of the fucking everyone is receiving. I believe killing him off, and letting him lie among the other fallen heroes of Azeroth will get your story back on the riveting track it’s fallen off of with the weak story in Cataclysm.

Kill Thrall
Give me a reason to care about the bosses I’m defeating.

Holy shit guys! It’s a Blood Beast!

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Sylvanas is just way too hot.
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